2013 Press Releases

Fourth Quarter 2013

Dec. 16, 2013 Large Nuclear Plant Component to Be Shipped to Utah Disposal Facility
Nov. 13, 2013 White Paper on SCE - SCE's Decision to Retire San Onofre Units 2 & 3: Economic Considerations
Nov. 4, 2013 SCE Makes Public a White Paper, Key Documents Showing that Mitsubishi Failed to Offer Viable Plan to Repair or Replace Failed Replacement Steam Generators
Oct. 16, 2013 SCE Asks for Arbitration Against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries over Defective San Onofre Steam Generators
Oct. 7, 2013 SCE Demands that Mitsubishi Submit to Contractually Mandated Audit
Oct. 4, 2013 San Onofre Nuclear Plant to Test Siren System
Oct. 1, 2013 SCE Demands that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Reimburse for Expenses Incurred Because of Mitsubishi's Failed San Onofre Replacement Steam Generators

Third Quarter 2013

Sep. 22, 2013 SCE Announces that Nuclear Regulatory Commission Finds Flaws in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Design That Led to Failed Steam Generators at San Onofre
Sep. 4, 2013 SCE Opens Digital Document Library, Making Public Key Documents Related to the Design of the San Onofre Replacement Steam Generators
July 24, 2013 San Onofre Nuclear Plant Operating License to be Retired After Final Fuel Removal
July 18, 2013 Southern California Edison Serves Formal Notice of Dispute to Mitsubishi over Defective Steam Generators at SONGS

Second Quarter 2013

June 26, 2013 SCE Begins Notification Process to Eliminate 600 Nuclear Plant Jobs
June 13, 2013 SCE Formally Notifies NRC of San Onofre Nuclear Plant's Permanent Shutdown
June 7, 2013 Southern California Edison Announces Plans to Retire San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
May 28, 2013 SCE Exercised Responsible Oversight for Replacement Steam Generators at the San Onofre Nuclear Plant
Apr. 8, 2013 SCE Submits License Amendment to Support San Onofre Unit 2 Restart
Apr. 1, 2013 SCE Submits Draft License Amendment for Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Restart

First Quarter 2013

Mar. 22, 2013 SCE Considers License Amendment for San Onofre Nuclear Plant
Mar. 18, 2013 Southern California Edison Submits Operational Assessment Requested by NRC
Mar. 13, 2013 SCE Had No Knowledge of Safety Problems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Letter to NRC Confirms
Mar. 8, 2013 Southern California Edison Comments on MHI Evaluation of San Onofre Nuclear Plant Steam Generators
Feb. 27, 2013 Southern California Edison Refutes False Allegation that Personnel Not Trained in Cybersecurity
Feb. 26, 2013 Southern California Edison Responds to NRC Technical Questions

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